ACIDBEX is Aryanada Suratman. DJ-ing from 2013, After several attempts creating and also being a singer on unsuccesful bands, Aryananda Suratman choose to start a new life as a DJ. He began collecting musical vinyls and learning to DJ and selecting from his working colleague at that time. Exploring The DJ-ing and Vinyl scenes by sometimes being a crew to early ‘Diskoria Selekta’ – He created such events like “Thursday Moore” a monthly gigs and also joined “Jam Malam” try to mapping Indonesian electronic producer until the project disbanded on 2017. When DJ-ing, Aryananda Suratman or ACIDBEX likes to put Industrial or Goth element into his set. Released a video with single two years ago called ‘Body Mystic’, you can see the video on Youtube and also just recently released a new track ‘Coronzon’ on Bandcamp. Aside from producing and Dj-ing, he is a Graphic Designer.