Baldi (@baldicalvianca) is a DJ/Musician/Producer who has become an ingrained part of today’s Jakarta independent music scene. Starting as a bedroom producer with Strange Fruit, he later arrived at left-field dance music and shortly thereafter started dj-ing and throwing parties, most of his works and set derive from a peculiar approach; combining animated electronic music with psych sensibility.

In the past years, Baldi create the collaboration project with Sattle (@satriaanggapradja) named ‘Batas Echoe’, one of the interesting and important releases to be listened and collecting is a remix version (bootleg) of the song by @iwanfals “Bunga Trotoar”. He also running a small club which was originally named “UP!” Now turned into @slits.slits.slits a very unique and interesting club (pirate radio) in casual style, located in the Shout of Jakarta. You must visit! 👍 Now they are having special program with other network partners in Indonesia at @digitalagebroadcaster 📻.