Fiky @fiky1605 His inconsistency make him seek more for any kind of music, make it music as a tools for what he feel day by day and capture some random memories. First played the stage in 2014, then in the following year 2015 created small club named “Sound Collective” with Memen, Baldi & Rama Kincun. He traveled from stage to stage mysteriously trying not to become a popular figure as much as possible. When he was little in school, he got poison recommendations to listen to songs from @edbanger records and French Pop labels such as, Sébastien Tellier, Bertrand Burgalat, April March etc. Until now during his age, he was greatly influenced by a band called Sweet Trip.

In this contemporary era, Fiky, who is diligent in making and releasing mixtapes from the past until now, sees mixtapes as paintings on canvas but only in different shapes, but in essence and process it’s very similar, not much different from painting. There is a message, but sometimes people don’t know