[Hilmo @hilmothio] Is a musician, producer, and DJ based in Malang, Indonesia. Running his label Posh Lotus Records (@poshlotusrecs) focused on some underground and electronic music. He is co-founder of Spectral Tribe (@spectraltribe) with his friend Fian Sukun. They run some parties around the city like a commercial party (More Mutant Than Human). Laidback rooftop party (Spiritual Rhythm) and new emergence party (Conjunction Energy). His first debut was at art exhibitions somewhere in Melbourne and Perth, playing some absurd mix of disco and Indonesian Pop.

Back to his hometown in Malang, he joined the Futureroom team and threw a party for Rumah Opa. His first release is under Spectral Tribe Records with his single “Funeral Rites” and EP called “Underworld” released on his Bandcamp. In June 2020 his split album with Surabaya’s friend Gatra to make an EP and release on Anti-Trust records called Dreadful Extinction. In 2020, between the pandemic season, he joined Moda Ekuator, a compilation from Dead Pepaya Records, a post-club compilation with friends from Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

Gabe Gabe Tapes invited him to remix Fahrni Mursyid’s project called Pencak Xi lat/Xilang Budaya to remix the second track release on cassette. He is also founder of Room 404 Radio community online radio based in Batu, Malang-Indonesia. He also Involved in sets on any radio like Noods Radio, Norrm Radio, Dublin Digital Radio and Dublab to explore some local music to the world and residency on international online radio like Radio AlHara, Radio Raheem, and Hongkong Community Radio.

Image by Hilmo