[Kinnara : Desi La @kinnara_desila] NYC born Tokyo resident, experimental electronic music multi creative visual artist, Kinnara : Desi La, continues to evolve as a prolific artist having developed a vast aural and visual style creating with creative coding, 3D design, graphic design, and producing a wide array of music across numerous genres. Kinnara : Desi La`s work has been acknowledged around the world, appearing in New York live arts project, “Curating The End of The World (2020), Ars Electronica art gallery (2020), and the forthcoming “Unity” projection mapping exhibition hosted by Malaysian collective Filamen and NWCN (2021). Despite the pandemic creating instability In music communities in almost every country, Kinnara : Desi La looks to keep creating, evolving, reaching out to and collaborating with different communities worldwide.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, Kinnara : Desi La is designing his next large scale AV performance “Chroma”, part of which will premiere in extended.asia.“Chroma” is Kinnara : Desi :La`s vested vision of a parametric, vibrant universe. The “Chroma” project is an extension of Kinnara : Desi La`s previous AV performance, “Neon Architecture” (created and performed in 2019) and “Dead Machine”, his first AV performance which toured around Japan in 2018.

Image by Kinnara : Desi La

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