[Non Archive @non.archive] Denpasar based independent imprint, NON ARCHIVE may still be relatively new, but since it was established in early 2021, this label has been quite productive in putting out its records organically. On their third release, NON ARCHIVE pushed up the Indonesian underground club scene by initiating a compilation titled ‘ARSIP 001’. This compilation came out of the idea of promoting Indonesian young producers in working within the limitations of existing platforms. Connected from a base of local bond, this compilation will shape the main idea of how NON ARCHIVE maps future label releases. This third installment will also be represented as a projection for how Indonesian underground club music will take place in the future.

‘ARSIP 001’ is an exploration of contemporary club music influenced by urban culture that occurs in Indonesia, exploring scattered new names from artists & producers spread across 5 cities in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Denpasar and Samarinda. This compilation presents tracks with fresh breath, a mixture of experimental club sounds with colorful and abstract spectrums, rocking a rhythm from 80 BPM and shifting up to 190 BPM.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, NON ARCHIVE displays the entire compilation project ‘ARSIP 001’ which contains 19 young electronic music producers from various cities in Indonesian with AV format.


Image by Non Archive