Nydia (@nydiashiang), is a visual creator based in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Singapore, working mainly in the mediums of photo and video. Some of Nydia’s works, often displaying surrealism to represent semiotic symbols as a hidden message found in each of her works, to invite people more higher or deeply. Sometimes he combines collage graphic techniques as a method of working in using the medium of photography / video. This time she collaborated with SATTLE (@satriaanggapradja) to visualize audio for an hour. Nydia produces a fragment of motion picture obtained from various sources, a unique montage from ‘cut to cut – frame to frame’ combined into one set like a film. We often call it the term is “Supercuts” as was done by Johan SΓΆderberg a multimedia artist from Sweden or like the MTV bumper video in the 90s.

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