PRONTAXAN, YKT – ID, it is a fuse of ice breaking in the disturbance of a party or celebration, by offering basic human needs is to dancing and cheer to escape one’s memory for a moment the restraints of routine and the shackles of the pressures of contemporary society.

Based on information disclosure and ease access to technology, @prontaxan_ uses youtube as a bibble and some Mp3 controller devices as a microphone to echo selected track verses. This curation verses echoed by PRONTAXAN associate to the celebration of the mixing of electronic music, dangdut, campursari, and the native sounds of Archipelago. The mix more popular we know as FUNKOT (Funky Kota). Prontaxan’s choice sound of Funkot offers accuse of music consumption and it’s related to the construction of social class.

The association was initiated by Yahya Dwi Kurniawan, Uji Hahan Handoko, Lana Prayana & Rangga Sang Eshayoga, formed in 2018 at Yogyakarta

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