Raihan Kiagoos born in 1997 he is a young artist focusing on graphic-arts. In his daily activities he works at a local creative agency. Raihan’s very likes to driving vespa around the city lonely or “boncengan” 🛵 with his girlfriends to searching some inspiration, from cafe-to-cafe, club-to-club, watching movies, or culinary;diging locals street food. Raihan’s so close with the music to take inspiration, he poured his thoughts into AZYXK (@azyxk) which often always features “checker board” repeatedly as signature. He also often makes comics with an alien language style, and routinely makes zines then publish them up to Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵. In addition Raihan’s joined the collective @tankga_ and made a small graphic studio with her colleague named “Unschool Research Laboratory” (@unschool.lab), focusing on producing ugly works with the RAVE (Radical Audio Visual Experience) spirit.

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