Rizki Tilarso born in 1995, is an art student who is currently completing his study at the faculty of fine arts in the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta). He also actively participates in several art projects in Yogyakarta by using the medium of painting, installation and video art. Tilarso applies absurd concepts and unexplainable elements in his works. The strange yet fascinating outputs he created often triggered audiences to question “what the heck is this?” when seeing his works. Tilarso has great interest in anomalous conspiracy theories. In his process, he includes fragments of found objects that he collected. Aside as part of his hobby, the found objects usually trigger further development of the initial ideas on his work. You can visit previous works of Tilarso’s at https://indoartnow.com/artists/rizky-tilarso