[Sentor @ir.sentor] His name is Candra, He is more known by the name of Sentor in the 3D industry. He was born in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, but now he stays in Tangerang, Banten. He is a self-taught 3D artist with 3 years of experience in this industry. He uses 3D software such as Blender and Cinema 4D as a tool/media to realize my thoughts and inspiration that comes from movies and narrative that I’ve come across. I am passionate about problem solving in technicality issues and design.

This artwork on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite” is a response statement for “Singing Plants” by Bottlesmoker (@bottlesmoker) as a non-expert and a person with no knowledge in the music scene. While hearing this song, there are two opposite emotions that I feel. A disturbing, eerie, and confusing feeling and yet there are parts in the song that makes me want to continue hearing the song, and even repeat it. Like the experience I got while hearing this song,  this artwork tries to recreate and visualize these opposite emotions. This artwork consists of two sections where in one part, the artwork would try to lead people in having a delightful and exciting trip using brightful colours in commonly seen everyday objects with slow burn camera movement and motion. Where in the other part, the artwork would lead people in having eerie, petrifying and freakish feelings.


Image by Sentor