[The Sugar Spun @thesugarspun] are a three-piece alternative indie rock outfit heavily influenced by the glorious sound of the New Wave era. Emerging during late 2018, The Sugar Spun is a surging modern daytime lullaby, and at the same time, a soundtrack reminiscent of the hypothetical memories of some sunny past in the 80s that one never actually had. Formed in Bandung, Indonesia by Fathir (vocal/guitar – lyricist, composer) and Rashief (drums, producer, composer, engineer) who met when they were attending the same collage, they started doing covers of rock and roll, punk, and grunge songs, and frequenting a number of college festivals as performers before inevitably beginning to explore their own original materials and finding their own sound. After the release of their debut EP in November 2019, Gilang Dhafir / Kardashev Scale (bass guitar/synthesizer, producer, composer) joined in as a personnel and started producing and composing songs for the band.

In this episode of Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, they created a “All the tracks based on my feelings and this is what it sounds like” is a rework version of our first EP with the same title. This EP is telling about events in the quarter life crisis phase, namely the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  In the phase of increasing demands, questions, problems and convictions to achieve something. This album contains 5 tracks. They’re remaking all of these tracks and turning them into a 50 minutes audio track with more sound exploration and experimentation. Due to the pandemic, the three of us cannot meet in person. In the process of making it, we use the internet to help us finish this track. Without satellites, none of this would even have happened. Visual of their audio version in response by Nur Ezlyn (@ezlynnnn) cute malay girl with collage graphic art base.

Image by The Sugar Spun