Trastrash is a Project Enthusiast today (@trastrash), Usually called atras, trastrash or komodo, a basketball player, chef and initiator of the @tivitiviantv project last year released a digital festival and exhibition in Jakarta. Some works have gone to Frankfurt, Berlin, and Pune. Works are not far from everyday in 24 hours a day, Exploring fingerprints becomes a trastrash character to bring up and publish social issues today.

Humans must work to meet their needs, from primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. When the needs of the premiere are fulfilled, then enter the secondary part for the supporting needs. A short trip from waking up to the place of activity and returning home to go home. This is done by many people and continues until they close their eyes. Many of them stress this activity but it must be done and done, some are happy and there is pressure because it saves this activity and this activity works