[William Samosir @williamb.js] is a Bandung-born visual artist, programmer, and musician currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. His creative practice focuses on bridging 3D realism, the act of play, and the constantly mutating identity of objects and artifacts.

In 2018, under the Maharam STEAM fellowship, William did a residency with the Museum of Play in Rochester, Upstate New York, to explore the intersection of computation, ontology, and play. In this residency, William designed a wireless, multi-user, programmable sound controller that is made out of geometrical building blocks.

Open source platforms are his best friends; Blender, Github, Python, and PureData. For this project with Extended Asia, he brings all of this element into his musical practice by merging programmatically evolving soundscape, traditional and modern tonal instrumentation, and spatial ambient electronics.

His track has been featured in C*SSS w/ Slow Death Mobile at noodsradio.com. William is also a member of the Bandung collective @blancobenzatelier, which recently launched an alter ego project at @polifesto_net. Currently, he works as a 3D engineer for a knit technology company.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, he collaborated with Utsa (@utsahazarika)


Image by William Samosir