From Gamelan to Power Trance


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The development of digital culture and the acceleration of global technology to the present, of course, will never escape from the long reading of the history of the nation in the past. This is because every cultural development occurs because of a touch from past culture, which gives birth to social, political, economic and other cultural activities. Evolution is created due to the perspective of the intellectual and scientific capacities that develop in each human being in viewing life in the universe. Science itself gives birth to a new form of science, which mobilizes members of society to give birth to a new culture.

1. John Cage (1912–1992), “Bacchanale” (1940), for Prepared Piano (1938–1940);
2. Nam June Paik, “Piano Piece” (1993);
3. Sonic Youth & George Maciunas, “Piano Piece #13 (2006);
4. Yoshuke Yamashita, “Piano Burn”, filmed by Kiyoshi Awazu (1973);
5. Lorenzo Senni, “Vandalize Music” (2020).

Compiled by Aditya FH & Andang Kelana.

All pictures, videos, audios, are copyright of their respective owners as stated in the credit text in the video miniblog. The texts are summarized from various sources and adapted to the needs of the miniblog. We use this video for educational purposes.