Adel Maulana Pasha (Jakarta, 1983) studied journalism at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (IISIP) Jakarta, 2001-2005. One of the founders of the @forumlenteng, The first moving-image of Adel’s was first made with the other founders of the Forum Lenteng, in the context of the Massroom Project (2003). In advance, Adel previously was participated in the Bangladesh Biennale (2008), and got awarded in the ASEAN New Media Art (2007) and the Indonesian Art Award (2008). Adel has been involved in the exhibition FOLLOWING (2017, curated by @terramahardikayudha) at the Indonesian National Gallery, and the Contemporary AQA Project art show, Artist gallery of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F (2009)

We inviting Adel because he had an interesting idea, that was recorded in the past. In an interview session published by #journalfootage in 2008; “What are the prospects of the video in the future? For me, now video has become a subtitute of film. From the principle, film and video are different because video is closer to the community, where the function itself, has replaced, if materially, does not change the essence of the film itself. ” Said Adel, 12 years ago