• Open extended.asia in desktop or laptop browser, it’s for the best. Even Though it is a responsive design.
  • Prepare your WiFi connection, more stable more better.
  • Each session had separate audio and video files, so keep in YOUR mind for the delay it might have occurred during playtime.
  • Check the schedule at our official account or website, each session will play the exact time provided, and will play through 24 hours only.
  • At the time each session starts, it won’t autoplay itself. So you must refresh your browser page (again) at the time provided.
  • CAUTION: If the session is already playing, do not refresh your page. You will be redirected again at the start, but don’t worry you have 24 hours to watch for each session.
  • Don’t forget to clear your browser cache before you play each session. Chrome and Firefox are preferred, Safari and Opera it’s okay, but not IE.
  • To start, just click the PLAY button on the bottom right corner on your screen. Wait for a few seconds, Or you can connect your computer to screen projector and sound equipment at your home FOR BEST EXPERIENCE.
  • All the audio sound already set to 50%, feel free to control the audio only with your keyboard. There is no controller attached on the screens.
  • If you had some trouble or questions, DM us your message on our instagram account @extended.asia
  • Enjoy!
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