Beyond its chosen generic word, ‘DEAD (stands for ‘deaf and diligent’), the label has shown its concept of covering many range of music from techno to house, bass garage, from electro-funk to disco with surfacing overlooked-darker moods consistency in Indonesian’s dance music scene.

DEAD Records was established in Jakarta, 2013. It also has been collaborating with many collectives, record labels, channels, and media, even for production house (film, clips). “Project Panda” (Christian Sugiono and Dom Dharmo, 2016) was a biggest project for movie which was done by DEAD Records. In the same year 2016, a song titled “RUMAH” as the single track from “ASAM” under relased through this label, won a special award as one of the best music videos (Directed by Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz / Jam Malam) at “MuVi PARTY” – Music Video Festival, Exhibition & Special Screening, event by OK. Video & Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem