Dicka Prasetya, better know by name Dickaz123. Is a Music Producer & DJ from Bandung, Indonesia since 2009. Dickaz123 have a bold character style including Techno-Minimal / Hard-Techno and Dark Melodies and the works are very-very repetitive, it’s easily recognizable by the ear and also distinctive. Dickaz123 is associated with several international music records such as Chauron Recordings (UK) 🇬🇧, Subwoofer Records (Italy) 🇮🇹, District Facility (Lithuania) 🇱🇹, and @deadrec (Indonesia) 🇲🇨.

Aside focusing music in techno style, he was also doing another music project named “DigiDigiCrazy” which is more experimenting and processing digital electronic sound wrapped with Grind, Industrial, Punk, Noise, Nintendocore, Gabber, Gore, Hard, Terrorcore, 8bit, Karaoke 🎤