[Glibly Ninja @creativedestructive] is an anagram of a dissident named: Billy the Dog. His interests are sound exploration projects based on sound collages, rhythmic noise, and techno music. The first time the project was held in the city of Bandung, West Java seven years ago. ‘KONTRASOSIAL’ may have long been imprinted in the rows of our memories. One of the punk music groups whose style is derived from ‘Discharge Beat’, this became his starting point in conducting musical experiments. Glibly Ninja was tapped as the title for his experimental music works to this day. His roaring attack fuses the hammering industrial-techno assault and rhythmic pattern of noise, as he dissects and reorients frequencies of whatever sounds that intrigue him. Out of love for ferocious punk music and boisterous dance floor, this experimental project is a rendezvous of harsh mosh madness meets bleak, confounding beats. Now living in Bali, Billy is part of noise experimental collective Chaos Non Musica (@chaosxmusica).

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, He tried to make a video performance in playing electronic sounds with his signature sound from room to room. He said he was trying to be a satellite, trying to experiment with processing data through space and then stitching it together as a collage. Video developed by Unknown Martyr (@unknownmartyr_). They celebrate confinement in a pandemic situation.

Image by Glibly Ninja