[Harumi a.k.a Ibu Disco @ibu_disco] A housewife and a music enthusiast, who comes from the city of Kobe, Japan and regularly commutes to Bali, Indonesia. Having a background as an editor of a music web magazine, Harumi’s has a very broad insight into the various types of music and consistency is endless with an extensive library of everything such as jazz, 80’s funk, disco, house, hip hop, Detroit techno, city pop, to vapor wave. The co-owner of “Dots to Dots” (@dotstodots) is a cultural activity organization trying to connect Global Asian Cities, a side project of Rumah Dua Tiga (@rumahduatiga).

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, Ibu Disco made an artwork with Ronald Thanos (@stism_) titled “From Bali via INTER-SPACE to Shibuya” featuring sound with slices of City-Pop/Vaporwave/Techno which is typical thick Japanese style.

Image by Ibu Disco

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