Ican Agoesdjam is a motion designer, visual jockey, editor, director, and content creator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a VJ he has been working with his style since 2006. And in 2013 he founded RPTV (@vjrptv) with his partner, Tommy Givani.

Since 2008 until now he have produced 7 free video loop packs. And since 2014 he joined Resolume ( Best VJ Software & Visual Content Distributor based in Netherlands) and so far he already released 13 video loop packs. All the video loops have been download thousands times from 84 countries and used at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Paradiso Festival, Green Valley Festival, Sunburn Festival, and many more.

He also work as director, editor and motion designer for some Indonesian artist’s music video and lyric videos such as Sara Wijayanto feat Mike’s, Dochi Sadega feat. NSG, Halfway Home, Soulbridge, Midnight Quickie , Alexa Band, Citra Scholastika, Weird Genius, Jflow, etc

Not only active in the “commercial” side, he also still manage their time to participate in video art exhibition like the one held in 2008 at Semarang and Netherlands. In 2014 he made an Audio Visual Artwork Showcase at Suntec Singapore in collaboration with Music Producer Aydra. And in 2017 he participated in “Play in Progress” a collaboration exhibition by Abenk Alter at Grand Indonesia Jakarta.

Latest and biggest project was he and VJRI (Visual Jockey Republik Indonesia) community made Monas Video Mapping for Countdown Asian Games 2018.

You can visit website: www.rptv.co for looking Ican’s works