[Kai @theapplebed] Kai Takegawa is a young visual artist. Most of his works are paintings. Kai was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, then moved to Oita in 2016. As a painter, he has held some solo exhibitions in Oita, Japan and NY. Apart from painting, he is also a DJ who regularly performs twice a month, bringing techno techno songs, ambient dub. He is a member of Third Paradise Records (@thirdparadiserecords), regularly throwing parties with his friend ‘NONAME’ in Oita. You can also seeing a gallery of Kai’s visual works on the @thefridaywoods instagram account.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, He working together with Rabbit to create video-mixtape, it is like trying to visualize the repetition of the journey of memory data over a long period of time with an abstract visual language, we can see many repetitions of the symbols that he often presents.

Image by Kai Takegawa

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