A connoisseur of the dark undertones that form the bass of countless genres that spans from jungle to dubstep to psych to house to techno, kRym is a turntablist, musician and budding producer with a healthy fascination with the unmistakably downbeat. Yet his simple and sincere love for music as an outlet of expression in his life has made him attached with a wide range of sounds, aural schemes and audio palettes, from the antediluvian art-forms of jazz, soul and ambient to the blue-tinged sounds of hip hop, funk and disco as well as everything that dwells in-between. As of 2011, kRym has transferred his love of the aforementioned styles of music into open-format DJ sets that encompass performances at clubs, bars, underground parties, radio shows, art galleries and weddings to name but a few.

Throughout the years, he has also had the distinct pleasure of performing with as well as supporting a whole host of local and international acts, including Tessela [R&S], Percy La Rock (I.N.T.), Fat Cat Ffonz [W_Music], Dr. Satomata [Mondo], Alan Llewellyn [Future 10], Wahono [Divisi 62], Elfa Zulham [Azura Records] and many more. Over the years of his musical stint, he started mnMENTAL (11/11), then got recruited by artists like Graham ‘Sanjion’ Allain (aka MC Drift) to represent 24/7 Bass Music (02/15), Aditya F.H. -> Jam Malam Indonesia (02/17), Reinhold Makasutji -> Goodnws (01/19), Christopher Dirdjohadi -> Jazzwoods (07/19), and launched Gerilya Ekspresi with M.S. Alwi (04/17). If it’s highly original left-field takes on well-loved underground sounds that you want, then he’s your man.