Tomy Herseta is a designer, creative director, electronic musician, and lecturer. His method of working, teaching, and directing is always in the realm of interdisciplinarity by using a spatial approach as his core foundation. His work usually raises questions about the relationship between humans, media, and society within mediated information and communication and how digital and physical environments are interconnected.

He has participated in several exhibitions and festivals such as Digital Design Weekend, Bandung International Digital Arts Festival, Bandung New Emergence, London Design Biennale, Archipelago Festival, Indonesia Netaudio Festival, CTM Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, and Prague Quadrennial.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 3, “Discovery,” They have a work entitled Connection (No) Lost in collaboration with Convert Textured. Knowing that we live in times full of uncertainties and not knowing when this will last, Tomy and Convert are trying to respond to the situation through aural and visual languages. With almost no preparations, they decided to do whatever came up within the set using an improvisation approach. Using the internet as the primary tool, Tomy attempts to convey auditory perception through random sounds on the web. At the same time, Convert utilizes its lighting hardware to produce another layer of perception through lighting and visual composition.


Image by Tomy Herseta