DATA – completely Data Pratama. He lives in the border areas of Jakarta and Depok, a worker who sometimes needs an entertainment on the weekends. Such as Disco! ✨ and sometimes takes time to be loner for reflect more about the Universe to more deeply. Data is a very millennial person, mostly he learned everything and scooped up information from the internet, especially from youtube and google search engine. At the beginning of his DJ career, he was a lot performed at “Jam Malam” (2013-2017) before the project broke up and stopped, the small collective in Jakarta which is a research projects, focused on aiming and trying to capture electronic scenes in Indonesia.

Data, have a good quality taste of music, that is very rare owned by people, such as collecting and playing Middle Eastern or Indian Songs. He was very influenced by Psychedelic Rhythms, House and Techno Rhythms. ⚡