@mahesalmeida is a Jakarta based artist / musician. Mahesa Almeida was born in Balikpapan, Indonesia. Settled in Jakarta from 1989 until now. He currently works a lot in the fields of music and pictures. Taking a lot of inspiration in his work process comes from his daily life such as video games that he often plays, creating and reprocessing to a more cinematic direction to giving a new narrative stories and very authentic sounds. He and his wife formed a sound and visual project called Kracoon. He also participated in exhibitions and performances several times such as Laussane Underground Film & Music Festival in 2013, Syntax Error in 2014, Following “Missing Data” curated by @terramahardikayudha, as a media arts research and development project in Indonesia at the National Gallery of Indonesia in 2017, and recently in 2018 he has just released the album “A LT O / PAN ” via Hasana Editions an artistic platform and publication based in Bandung, Indonesia, managed by @duto_hardono

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