[Ghaliz @emperorsslaves] is an indonesian artist currently studying event technology and management at  beuth university of applied science berlin. He founded musicratory a program for  thengerhin radio berlin, where he curated indonesian related experimental musician. He is  also part of the @soydivision.berlin. Using found objects, synthesizer, and lots of fx pedals  he created sound compositions that heavily influenced by human interaction, sunn o))),  and anime. 

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, He collaborates with Kardashev Scale (@gildhaf). Thus, “Machine Elements and Construction 3” are created. It is an audio visual performance made exclusively for Extended Asia volume 2 and as a response to this edition’s theme, “Satellite”. Satellites enable us to experience something from across the sea and they have always played a big role in the evolution of civilizations. Through satellites, humans are able to communicate with others. Most importantly, we are able to learn new things from the comfort of our own homes and even become self-taught professionals in different fields, including engineering. In this performance, we are trying to learn how to construct a satellite using only the internet as our information source and creating a music piece inspired by this learning process. This performance will be the second collaboration of him and Kardashev Scale, they presented their first live collaboration in 2019 at Audial Plane Showcase in Bandung, Indonesia.

Image by Ghaliz