[Dalu Kusma @masdalu] Is an artist Dalu Kusma’s cultural activities are closely related to media activism and literacy, while his artistic vision focuses on playing representations through text and images as part of his study of various aspects and forms of relations that exist in contemporary youth life, especially social media users. His artistic practice, in particular, begins with his activeness in building and managing the @masdalu Instagram account brand as an experimental space to respond to and frame actual issues of the lives of generations of social media users through literary approaches and visual communication designs. Through the @masdalu project, he empowers the Instagram platform not only as a tool to distribute content, but also as a medium for the work itself. His other visual works also develop in the popular and vernacular realms, and are distributed anonymously in cyberspace, such as the production of a number of memes that utilize and reinterpret the image findings in a contemporary context.

In this episode of Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, he invites Bon Galella (@bongalella) to collaborate to fill in the audio on the video data recording that he has recorded using his cellphone in his routine cycling activities around the city, in the video besides being invited to tour the city, there are short writings with his trademark style. Reminded us of the long history of the “Bicycle Day”.

Image by Dalu Kusma