[Kifurai @kifurai] Kiana also known as Kifu Spiegel, came from a family in the creative field and was exposed to art and crafts from early age. After joining various children’s drawing competitions she decided to take the art path seriously. Exploring cute shapes and colors is what tingles her personally. She also expresses her feelings through drawings, be it the pleasant or discomforting. She has a deep passion in world building, narrative and creating cute looking organic stuff! especially animals. Her work includes: illustration, storyboard, concept art, animation and merchandise design. As a naturally curious person and an avid learner, she loves to broaden her knowledge and taste by trying new projects and mediums.

In this episode of Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, she created a mixtape for miss planet (2021) This tells the story of a dog named Doggy who wants to be a satellite; a natural satellite to a beautiful Planet that she saw through a telescope. Orbiting day and night forever while playing this mixtape to impress Miss Planet.


Image by Kifurai