[Dwi Wicaksono Suryasumirat alias Ube @mas_ube] He was born in Depok on 16 December 1987. Ube studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at the Jakarta Arts Institute in 2005–2010. Initially he majored in Visual Communication Design, but because of his interest in the painting medium, which according to him gave more space to “play” and have fun, so in the third semester he decided to move to painting major.

In his works, we can see how Ube faithfully uses the medium of painting as a means of playing. He is always looking for ways to “play with” whatever he sees before making it the subject of a painting or drawing. Through this approach, Ube acts on the world around him by drawing and painting to “disturb” the general point of view, as well as things that are established or beautiful. Currently, Ube is establishing Pokrameame Studio (@pokrameame) with his friends at Gudside, also serving coffee under the name Kuluk-Kuluk (@kulukkuluk.id).

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, Ube try to presented his band performance project with his imaginary twin brother (i.e. himself) which was a part of his solo exhibition for the first time a decade ago, in his performance this time he made works by simply playing around making sounds with simple objects, and we will be invited to play to some room and to be invited exploring the layers of the dimensions of life between the real and virtual worlds.

Image by Ube

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