[Yeonjeong @y_e_o_n_j_e_o_n_g] from the city of Busan, South Korea. Focused on performance and video, Yeonjeong deals with installation, photography, sound, text and interdisciplinary medium experimentally. She currently is interested in exploring physical language between hierarchy and relation of medium. And she is trying to make an artistic intervention with ordinary life and social and cultural issues in the strategy of the performativity and the resistance of art critically and humorously. Exhibitions and participation include; Above the clouds international live art festival (China), VivaExcon (Philippines), Zero platform intl. performance art festival (Myanmar), Responding: intl. performance festival and meeting (Japan), Bangkok Biennial (Thailand), Rotterdam intl. film festival (NL), Ankara intl. film festival (Turkey), Naoussa intl. film festival (Greece), Brazil São Paulo contemporary art festival (Brazil) internationally and 7 solo exhibitions in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The artist residencies in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. And recently she’s leading the Femicology collective (@femicology) which is one of her moving Asia projects based on feminism and ecology. In early 2021, she also curated the Korea-Singapore exchange project titled “Media Body: Body as Media vs Media as Body” (@media_body). 

In this episode of Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, she created an experimental visual ‘Virtual Tour’ utilizing Google Street View application technology, invites us on a unique journey through her perspective in response to the audio mix of Willy (@chrstwilly) a young DJ based in Bandung.


Image by Yeonjeong