[Pemuda Sinarmas @pemudasinarmas] is another name for Muhammad Fajrintio, a Pioneer Disc Jockey who used cassette tapes in the millennial era. Starting his career in 2015, from a collector whose hobby is collecting cassette tapes, making mixtapes through old tapes and archiving old records to becoming Pemuda Sinarmas who is now crisscrossing various parties in various events from all dance party connoisseurs across the archipelago. On the occasion of the stage, Pemuda Sinarmas always brings old Indonesian music from various genres, ranging from Disco, Pop Keroncong, Funk, Dangdut, Koplo to Funkot, which is often the playlist that listeners are always waiting for.

In this episode on Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, He collaborating to create artwork in audio-visual format with Toxic Motel (@toxicmotel_), they often working together and are also part of a ‘Freestyle Production Studio’ called Sinaracun (@sinaracun.fps)


Image by Pemuda Sinarmas

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