[Octavianus Frans @ockland23] He was born in Amurang, Indonesia 1982. Master of arts degree from Urban Art and Daily Aesthetics, Postgraduate of the Jakarta Art Institute, Indonesia. Work in video, photos (experimental), sound, drawing, installation. Octavianus Frans is currently a Lecturer in the Creative Advertising Program, School of Design, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta. His works have been exhibited at several festivals in Indonesia. In his work, Octavianus Frans tries to convey expression through the exploration of images in all forms of life in the city. The results of images from every experiment conducted will always experience changes in shape, pattern and color. So there is no limit in the process of art. (biography text from https://filmfreeway.com/ockland)

In this episode of Extended Asia Vol. 2 “Satellite”, he created a collaboration with Patrick Gunawan Hartono (@patrick_hartono) “Covid-19 Attack” an audio-visual piece of 5:59 min, with ambient sound and visuals framing their emotional feelings in this pandemic situation.

Image by Octavianus Frans