Sattle is the moniker of Satria A. Anggapradja, an Indonesian electronic music artist. Hailed from humble origin from West Java, raised on a healthy diet of all types of music that is strongly influenced by his surroundings, he began DJing and shortly thereafter began organizing some local dance parties with his fellows to discover the scene first hand. He enthusiast with music has taken him to be a part of @javabasssoundsystem, Bandung’s own party pusher ‘Push/Pull’ then Responsible for a show on @norrm radio. Sattle’s tweaked out tunes & edits also issued by some local imprints ✨.

@satriaanggapradja had an important historical journey in his career of music, he was collaborated and get involved with Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz (Gooodit) artworks titled “Gelap-Terang” to make a party event for the first time throughout history of “Arts” in Indonesia, inside the Main Room of the National Gallery of Indonesia, a media art exhibition titled “FOLLOWING” (2017) curated by @terramahardikayudha. ✨ Gooodit choose SATTLE, as a representative of young DJs, in millennial urban culture in local scene.