Space and sound, sound and body, body and machine, machine and ritual, ritual and poetry, poetry and space.

In a social landscape filled to the brim with busy work, Tzu-Ni seeks to create a setting or an environment where a listener or viewer might enter into a dream state, momentarily isolated from the outer world, and in that space be able to perceive one’s frame of mind & body more intensely.

​Tzu Ni is an artist based in Taiwan whose work explores the reciprocal relationship between sound and material. She explores the boundaries of audio and visual work and how it can interact with its environment.

In recent years Tzu Ni has worked with several theater directors and visual artists. She is currently a resident artist at HKCR (Hong Kong Community Radio), hosting a bimonthly radio show.

On Extended Asia, 2022 – Vol. 3: Discovery, Tzu Ni created an A/V work titled The Metaphor of Transportation, which is an archive about transportation, civilization, and caged or wild species.

Semalriyaw from a tribe of Pinuyumayan records a portion of the sounds called Kasavacan on Taiwan’s east coast. Visually she used Touch Designer to input the footage of various creatures she captured in the past two years, both endemic and introduced, generated randomly with scripts of the sound.


Image by Tzu Ni

This work is part of “Islandwide Coverage,” a multi-site, multi-author project by AWKNDAFFR is an artistic operation situated at the intersection of art, theory, and praxis by Wayne Lim and Soh Kay Min.

Part of “Natasha,” Singapore Biennale [SB2022]—across a network of sites, including the Singapore Art Museum [SAM] at Tanjong Pagar Distripark. It will take place from 16 October 2022 to 19 March 2023.